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The Ada Job Center

Terms and Conditions

Thousands of Ada users look for Ada-related information with a visit to our award-winning Web site, and by using our unique resources, continue to return over and over. The Internet is a growing territory, with countless values and increasing benefits.

The Ada Home Job Center provides you with the advertising solution to your hiring needs, a means of reaching thousands of Ada developers who are engaged now on the Internet. There is no better place to reach the Ada labor market.

To put a classified or standing ad in the Ada Home Job Center, simply complete the Electronic Ad Submission Form and send a check for the required amount (see rates below). Checks should be made out to Kempe Software Capital Enterprises, and sent to Kempe Software Capital Enterprises, Ada Home Ad Manager, Prairie 9, CH--1196 Gland, Switzerland, who will send you a receipted invoice.

Rates: Payments can be made in USD (U.S. Dollars) or equivalent amounts in CHF (Swiss Francs). Classified ads are posted for one month, standing ads are posted for one year (12 months). Classified ad rates are US$ 20 per line (ten lines minimum, average 40 characters per line). Standing ad rates are US$ 120 per line (four lines minimum, average 40 characters per line).

Each ad starts with a centered title in bold, continues with plain text, and ends with an optional free portal URL (follow this link to see examples). Ads are displayed in two columns of text. Standing ads appear at the top of the right-hand column, in chronological order of submission. Classified ads are listed in chronological order of submission, starting at the upper left-hand corner and filling the page from top to bottom.

Your ad will be posted in the Job Center, and you will be notified as desired (by email, fax, or postal mail), as soon as your payment has been cleared.

By completing the Electronic Ad Submission Form ("Form") and making the payment to put an ad in the Ada Home Job Center ("Center") you are agreeing to the following with Kempe Software Capital Enterprises ("KSCE"):

To submit an ad, please complete our electronic submission form.

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