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Network Resources

comp.lang.ada by e-mail

Comp.lang.ada is a Usenet newsgroup, so technically speaking one does not subscribe to it in the mailing list sense. Assuming your site has installed and provides access to Usenet news, you invoke your local news client (often "xrn", "rn" or "nn" on Unix boxes, and "news" or "readnews" in other places) and then go to the newsgroup comp.lang.ada.

If your site doesn't get Usenet news you may still access comp.lang.ada, by email. There is a mailing list gateway to the comp.lang.ada newsgroup (known as the info-ada mailing list) that will allow you to receive digests of the messages and to participate via e-mail messages. Read on.

Before You Participate in Usenet news:
Learn the Netiquette

How To Join the info-ada Mailing List

Send a message to listserv@vm1.nodak.edu

Leave the subject line empty and in the body of the message put the line:

     subscribe info-ada [your real name here]

You will automatically receive a confirmation message with further instructions on how to use the list, and on how to unsubscribe.

To post a message to comp.lang.ada through the info-ada mailing list, all you need to do is send e-mail to info-ada@vm1.nodak.edu (even if you do not subscribe to the e-mailing list, btw).

REMEMBER: Even if you participate in comp.lang.ada through info-ada, you must develop and automatize your netiquette.

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