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Resources -- Compilers

Compiler Vendors:
Addresses and Products

Direct Site Links:
Ada Core Technologies (ACT)
Green Hills Software
Harris Computer Systems Corp.
Irvine Compiler Corp.
OC Systems
Rational Software Corporation
R.R. Software
Silicon Graphics
Texas Instruments

The list is presented in alphabetical order. Any additional information is welcome.

Information is available in this page for:

Ada Core Technologies (ACT)
-- Web Site: http://www.gnat.com/

    email: support@gnat.com
    Tel: (212) 620-7300 
    Fax: (212) 807-0162 


Commercial support for the GNAT (GNU Ada) compiler.

Aonix (ex-Thomson Software Products, Alsys and Telesoft)
-- Web Site: http://www.aonix.com/


    Email: marketing@aonix.com
    Tel: (619) 457-2700
         (800) 97-AONIX

66/68, Av. P. Brossolette, F-92240 Malakoff
    Tel: +33-1-41 48 10 00 ou 10
    Fax: +33-1-41 48 10 20

Kleinoberfeld 7, D-76135 Karlsruhe
  Email: info@thomsoft.de   (sales)
         support@thomsoft.de  (customer support)
  Tel: 07 21/98 65 3-0
  Fax: 07 21/98 65 3-98
  See also: http://www.aonix.com/international/gmbh/local.htm

    Email: customer@alsys.co.uk
    Tel: +44 1491579090

-- Web Site: http://www.convex.com/

    Email: allison@convex.com (Brian Allison)
    Tel: 214/497-4346

-- Web Site: http://www.cray.com/

    Email: det@cray.com (Dave Thersleff)
    Tel: 612/683-5701
    Email: svc@cray.com (Sylvia Crain)
    Tel: 505/988-2468

DDC-I, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.ddci.com/

400 N. 5th Street, #1150
Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Tel: (602) 275-7172
    Fax: (602) 275-7502

Gl. Lundtoftevej 1B
DK-2800 Lyngby
    Email: sale@ddci.dk
    Tel: +45 45 87 11 44
    Fax: +45 45 87 22 17

Digital (DEC), acquired by Compaq in January 1998
-- Web Site: http://www.digital.com/


DEC Ada 3.1 for OSF/1 AXP
DEC Ada 3.0A for OpenVMS VAX
DEC Ada 3.0A for OpenVMS AXP

Languages Index
Search other "DEC Ada" product descriptions

and a Database interface API: ULTRIX/SQL

Green Hills Software Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.ghs.com/

510 Castillo Street, 2nd Floor
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    Email: eric@ghs.com (Eric Schacherer)
    Tel: 805-965-6044
    Fax: 805-965-6343
    Email: support@ghs.com


Green Hills is a company specialized in the design of highly optimized compilers and programing and debugging environments for the native and embedded markets. We have C, C++, Fortran, Pascal and ADA compilers. We support a large variety of target processors for the embedded market (68K, 88K, PowerPC, i960, 386, 486, R3000, R4000, SH, SPARC, etc...). We also support different RTOS (pSOS, VMEexec, VxWorks...), and our products are available on a large variety of hosts (PC/Windows, SUN/OS, Solaris, HPPA, Alpha, RS6000, ...).

Harris Computer Systems Corporation
-- Web Site: http://www.hcsc.com/

    Email: jeffh@ssd.csd.harris.com (Jeff Hollensen)

Intermetrics, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.inmet.com/

    Email: ryer@inmet.inmet.com (Mike Ryer)

Irvine Compiler Corp. (ICC)
-- Web Site: http://www.irvine.com/

34 Executive Park, Suite 270
Irvine, CA 92714
    Tel: 714/250-1366
    Fax: 714/250-0676
    Email: info@irvine.com
Motto: "We Make Ada _Fly_!"


Complete Embedded Ada Development Environments for i960 family, hosted on VAX/VMS, HP 9000/700, SparcStation- supports the Tronix PI960MX-JXV Execution Vehicle, Intel EXV-960 MC/XA, and custom boards.

Native Ada development system available for HP 9000/700 series --selected for Navy TAC-3 program-- supports B-level security and HP Softbench.

OC Systems Inc.
-- Web Site: http://ocsystems.com/

9990 Lee Hwy Ste 270
Fairfax, VA 22030-1720
    Tel: (703) 359-8160
    Fax: (703) 359-8161
    Email: info@ocsystems.com


OCS is concentrating on the newly emerging PowerPC and RS/6000 architectures. Our PowerAda product is intended to be best of breed on those platforms and incorporates the Ada95 features of Object Oriented Programming, Protected Types and Hierarchical libraries. The PowerAda environment also includes a browsing, multilingual debugger, a library browser, non-invasive monitoring tools and various analysis tools.

OCS also sells the IBM recommended replacement products for the IBM Ada product line for 370 VM, MVS and RS/6000.

Rational Software Corporation (NASDAQ: RATL)
-- Web Site: http://www.rational.com/

2800 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051-0951
    Tel: (408) 496-3600 or (800) RAT-1212
    Fax: (408) 496-3636
    Email: product_info@rational.com


The mission of Rational Software Corporation is to ensure the success of customers in developing and maintaining complex software systems that are strategically important to their businesses. Rational Software Corporation provides a complete software-engineering solution consisting of: an integrated suite of tools, for a broad range of computers and microprocessors, that automate software-engineering activities, reduce errors, and improve the productivity of individuals and development teams; training, consulting, and support services to help customers successfully apply their processes and tools; and an iterative software-development process, focused on software architecture and object-oriented programming, that helps achieve efficient parallel development, large-scale software reuse, outstanding quality, and efficient maintenance.

Rational Apex is an integrated, interactive, software-engineering environment for total lifecycle control of complex software projects. Rational Apex runs on open-systems platforms (IBM RISC System/6000 and Sun SPARC) and is based on industry standards. It effectively controls large-scale development efforts while lowering project risk. Rational Apex features an editor, a compiler, powerful debugging tools, and an advanced system of configuration management and version control. Rational Apex is the foundation of an integrated product family that also includes solutions for analysis and design, requirements traceability, automatic document generation, automated testing, and postdeployment maintenance to help both individuals and teams get their work done faster and more reliably.

Rational Rose is a family of products that provide graphical, software-engineering support of object-oriented development. Also available is Rational Rose/C++, Rational Rose/Ada, Rational Rose/SQLWindows, and Rational Rose/ObjectPro which provide code generation and reverse engineering capabilities for iterative development.

SoDA allows users to generate documentation automatically and incrementally from many external information sources. SoDA also can be tailored to a variety of documentation formats and can be used on projects regardless of the implementation language.

TestMate is a comprehensive set of testing tools integrated with Rational Apex that reduce the cost of software testing and maintenance and improve the quality of software. TestMate helps increase the productivity of development and testing teams by automating various parts of the software-testing process and providing a common framework for all software-testing activities.

VADS is a production-quality software-development system that includes a high-performance compiler, a debugger, library-management tools, a performance analyzer, a coverage analyzer, a task-event trace/analysis tool, and a runtime system. VADS is particularly well-suited for development of complex embedded software. The product family includes:

DADS is a distributed application development system that allows automatic and transparent distribution of Ada objects in a single Ada program across a homogeneous network.

Company description

Founded in 1980, Rational Software Corporation (NASDAQ symbol: RATL) is a $70-million company with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and regional sales and support offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, and Australia. The company also has partners and distributors worldwide.


Rational Online News is Rational Software Corporation's exclusive online news-distribution service that provides information--press releases, case studies, and so on--to customers, partners, and resellers using electronic mail. The news is available over the Internet to anyone interested in receiving it. Subscribers must have a gateway or access to the Internet. The purpose of this service is to keep our customers and partners informed and up to date on Rational Software Corporation's latest product announcements and developments. If you would like to receive Rational Online News, please send e-mail to "rational-news@rational.com". Please include name, phone number, and e-mail address in the message.

R.R. Software, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.rrsoftware.com/

P.O. Box 1512,
Madison, WI 5370 USA
    Tel: (800) 722-3248 or (608) 245-0375
    Email: info@rrsoftware.com


Oldest independent Ada compiler company in the world. Developed the first Ada compiler for the PC in 1981, and are the only vendor to exclusively write and develop our Ada products in Ada.

The Janus/Ada 95 Professional Development Systems are available for the Microsoft Windows NT/95, 32 Bit DOS Extender, and PC-based Unix operating systems. All three Ada 95 compilers conform to the ACVC 2.0 and 2.0.1 standards.

Claw is a thick Ada 95 binding to the Microsoft Win 32 API, allowing real Ada 95 programming for Windows NT/95. The product is portable to the Aonix ObjectAda, GNAT, and DDC-I Ada 95 compilers.

Ada 83 line includes tool kits for Embedded Systems programming, Microsoft Windows 3.X, DOS, 32 Bit DOS, and PC-based Unix. RRS will continue to support these products at least through the end of 1998.

PasTran is a unique tool for Pascal to Ada translation, which allows Pascal code owners to smoothly and efficiently convert to Ada.

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
-- Web Site: http://www.sgi.com/

Corporate Office:
2011 N. Shoreline Blvd. 
Mountain View, CA 94043
  Tel: (800) 800-7441 or (415) 960-1980
The Developer Magic ProDev Ada 95 has been released by Silicon Graphics. The Silicon Graphics Ada 95 development environment integrates the flexibility of a true object-oriented programming language and the speed of a next-generation development tool set with multi-processor power, an open architecture and the modular structure of Ada 95.

Tartan, Inc., acquired by Texas Instruments in May 1996, see below

300 Oxford Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146-2346
    Email: customer-support@tartan.com
    Tel: (800) 856-5255 or (412) 856-3600
    Fax: (412) 856-3636
    Email: info@tartan.com
    Tel: (800) 856-5255 or (412) 856-3600
Tartan, Inc. develops, markets, and supports optimizing cross-compilation systems and related software tools for developers of real-time, embedded applications. Tartan's products are anchored in its highly developed optimization technology, its particular expertise in runtime development, and its debugging technology--all directed at producing fast, small, reliable object code, the principal requirements for real-time embedded applications.

Tartan has recently released the first commercially available Ada development systems for embedded processors that incorporate features of the Ada 95 language revision. These capabilities include the protected type, hierarchical libraries, a full Ada 95 parser and priority queueing. The user may select between Ada 83 code and Ada 95 code with a simple command line option. Additional Ada 95 facilities will be added in future incremental releases.

Tartan offers Ada development systems for four groups of embedded processors:

Tartan also offers TartanWorks, an integration of the Tartan Ada Development System for Motorola 68xxx processors with Wind River Systems' VxWorks real-time operating system.

Tartan Ada development systems are hosted on Digital Equipment's VAX/VMS and the Sun Microsystems SPARC workstation running SunOS or Solaris. Each Tartan Ada development system is validated by the U. S. government.

Each Tartan Ada development system includes the following core components:

Tartan Ada development systems also include a number of important packages:

Tartan also offers a number of optional components, including:

Tartan also offers third-party products that enhance the development environment:

Texas Instruments (bought Tartan in May 1996, see above)
-- Web Site: http://www.ti.com/corp/docs/home.htm

See TI's 1995 description of Tartan as a 3rd-party supplier.

Note: The lists of validated compilers also contain information on vendor points of contact. See the compilers page.

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