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January 3, 1999


Ada Home Activity
in Year 1998

by Magnus Kempe
Editor and Publisher

Here are some statistics on total activity during 1998 at the Ada Home Web site (<http://www.adahome.com/>).

In almost five years of operation, we have observed a continuous increase in the number of visits and visitors at the Ada Home. This shows that interest in the Ada programming language remains strong -- despite the recent closing of the government-sponsored Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO).

The numbers:
(percentages indicate year-to-year evolution)

In one year 94,793 distinct hosts were served, including firewalls and proxy servers for many large organizations and ISPs. This translates to more than 100,000 Ada Home visitors in 1998 (+30%).

We recorded 1,358,318 page requests (+20%, excluding graphics).

Note: due to widespread caching in proxy servers and on local disks, the actual number of times Ada Home pages have been read is higher than can be inferred from our server logs.

If you would like to contribute improvements to the Ada Home --for instance to publish code, write an article, or announce a new piece of software-- please follow our submission directions.

The Ada Home is a private publication, independent of government subsidies.

Do you have ideas to improve the Ada Home?


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