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Status of Ada 9X
(the revision project)

The name is Ada 95!

The ISO publication date for Ada 95 was February 15, 1995. The final version of the reference manual is available in various electronic formats, in addition to the paper version.

Latest News: The first Ada 95 compilers have already been validated (starting in the fall of 1995).

Almost all compiler vendors have announced the incremental introduction of Ada 95 features into their existing compilation systems (apart from DEC, who entered agreements with Rational and ACT instead). Some salient excerpts of public announcements:

Standardization News: The ISO publication date for Ada 95 was February 15, 1995. Ben Brosgol comments that Ada history buffs will note that this will mark the 17th anniversary of the delivery of the DoD1 Phase I design documents.

Congratulations to Tucker Taft and his Mapping Team, Chris Anderson and the Ada 9X Project Office, and Bob Mathis and ISO WG9, for bringing about the approval of the revision in record short time!

The "Draft International Standard" version of the Ada 9X Reference Manual (ISO 8652 DIS) was approved on November 1, 1994. Comments this round were mostly editorial in nature. No significant technical changes or additions were made, except to fix a few glaring technical errors. The final version (delivered to ISO) is 6.0.

Here's an Ada 95 program to celebrate the event, contributed by Norm Cohen:

     with Ada.Integer_Text_IO, Ada.Text_IO;
     use  Ada.Integer_Text_IO, Ada.Text_IO;

     procedure Celebrate is
       Buffer : String (1 .. 9);
       Put (Buffer, 711317, 16);
       Put_Line (Buffer (4 .. 8));
     end Celebrate;

Some History

In March 1994, the ISO Ada Working Group (WG 9) met in Switzerland, in order to respond to comments received during the ISO ballot and ANSI canvass. Some polishing was done, but we did NOT make any significant change from the Draft RM4.0 during this meeting. (Except that Ada 9X shall revert to the Ada 83 underscore rules, and Duplicate/Split has become Adjust :-)**2.)

In particular, the following resolution was unanimously approved:

"42. User Transition: WG9 has now completed the work of revising 8652 [ed: The Ada Programming Language] and encourages all Ada users to begin their transition process to the new version of the standard. Although the new standard is not yet finally approved, WG9 does not anticipate any significant technical changes. Compiler and tool vendors, in particular, are encouraged to begin making new and revised capabilities available as an alternative to strict conformance to the existing standard."
Except for editorial changes, the revision work is finished. From a technical point of view, Ada *94* is alive and well. It will be the *first* standardized object-oriented language.

The Mapping/Revision Team did an outstanding job.

Et nunc plaudite! (Parts of the March 1994 meeting description written by Stéphane Barbey)

As of February 1st, 1994, the Committee Draft for Ada 9X (ANSI/ISO CD 8652) passed both the ISO SC22 ballot and the ANSI canvass. A Draft International Standard (DIS) will soon incorporate responses to comments received during the voting. DIS voting should begin in May 1994, leading to a final document for the Ada 9X International Standard on (?) December 10, 1994 :-)

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