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Unless otherwise specified, all pictures are GIF files. If you would like to see pictures of Ada-related people, please visit the Ada Rogues Gallery, featured in our Ada History section.

Lady Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852) (20 KB), daughter of Lord Byron (the poet who spent some time in a Swiss jail, in the Castle of Chillon not too far from Lausanne -- allright, he was just visiting... he carved his name in one of the dungeon pillars where prisoners had once been chained. Byron wrote his famous poem, "The Prisoner of Chillon," based on this experience).

Lady Lovelace was the assistant and patron of Charles Babbage; she wrote programs for his "Analytical Engine."
[PostScript original (543 KB)]
(From a site formerly known as the AJPO FTP site)

Another classic picture (11 KB): a portrait of Ada, Countess of Lovelace, acknowledged to be the world's first programmer, from the cover of John Barnes's book "Programming in Ada", 2nd edition; used with permission of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Mr. Simon Plumtree). The original art was adapted from the portrait of Ada at the offices of John Murray, the London publishing company.
[medium-size, greyscale (11 KB also)]
(Contributed and scanned by Dirk Craeynest)

Ada lived here (64 KB) Unveiling of a plaque on the house in London, England in which Ada, Countess of Lovelace used to live.
[JPEG version (18 KB) and small JPEG version (7 KB)]
(The picture was taken, and the print supplied, by John Barnes; forwarded by Fred Long)

*NEW* Rent and move! (JPEG, 29KB) A French company.
(Contributed by Pascal Obry)

Beware of the Ada Police! or: We don't need no steenkin' mandate! (51 KB) From a small city in south-central Oklahoma, known for its horse breeding. It's about 200 miles north of Dallas.
(Contributed by Mike Feldman)

Ada is an international programming language, designed for software engineers. (14 KB)
[PostScript original (508 KB)]
(From a site formerly known as the AJPO FTP site)

There is a liquor store (560 KB) right on the highway in Ada, Alabama (a very small town just south of Montgomery).
[JPEG version (122 KB)]
(Contributed by Lynn Barton through Ray Renner)

Have an Ada beer from Belgium! (127 KB) With its enormous variety of beers, Belgium had to have an Ada beer! Brewery De Smedt in Opwijk brews 2 kinds of Abbey d'Aulne, resp. 8 and 10 degrees strong. Cheers!
[JPEG original with more colors (201 KB)]
(Contributed by Dirk Craeynest, scanned by DeJean)

Challenge: Who can find a picture of this Ada?
Ada, daughter of Carolus Magnus (Charlemagne), with a reputation as a patron of the arts:
"... known as the Ada group. The manuscripts of this school do all seem to have been made for royal patrons, and use extremely lavish materials. One example is written in gold on purple parchment. The style of the earlier Ada manuscripts shows more Celtic influence ... but the figures are strongly Byzantine."
(Found in a book on Charlemagne, by Bjarne Stroustrup)

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