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Ada in the Hong Kong Urban Rail System

(source: Ada World Dialogue, vol. 8, no. 2, Summer 1994)

Alsys' AdaWorld native and cross development environments will he used by GEC-Alsthom to generate the command system for the new Hong Kong subway system.

On behalf of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation, the Lantau and Airport Railway (LAR) will link the island of Hong Kong, via the business center of Kowloon, to the island of Lantau and the new airport under construction. The trains will serve the 13 railway stations of the 34 km-long express line every 2 to 4 minutes at speeds up to 135 km per hour. Completion of the new railway system is scheduled for mid-1997.

Unlike the Cairo and Calcutta transport projects developed by GEC-Alsthom, the integrated command system for the LAR will be both centralized and local. This means that train flow, traffic regulation, and automatic schedule control are executed locally in each railway station, while centralized supervision operations are carried out by the main command center.

A team of 15 software engineers will be responsible for the Automatic Train Supervision application, writing an estimated 170,000 lines of code. In addition to train flow, traffic regulation and schedule planning and control, the program will include data collection for establishing statistics. They will be using the AdaWorld native compiler product set for HP 9000/400 and AdaWorld cross development environment for SPARC-hosted to Intel/Multibus 11 targets.