The Boeing 777 Power Management System Written In Ada Boeing 777 Power

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The Boeing 777 Power Management System Written In Ada

Sunstrand, located in Rockford, Illinois, provides components for commercial and military aircraft. Among its American customers, Boeing remains the biggest. Sunstrand has been chosen to develop the power ignition system for the Boeing 777 aircraft.

The Ada Application

The application is fully written in Ada. It is hosted on a 386 DOS computer and targeted to an intel 186 with a C-Smart kernel. The main feature of the application is its safety-critical nature. A strong deterministic character has been required for this application in order to guarantee the sequence of events in the power ignition process, regardless of the external circumstances (i.e. weather conditions or unforeseen deficiencies). This application is requested by the FAA to be certified. Thus, Alsys worked closely with Sunstrand in developing the appropriate documentation and tests which enabled them to obtain FAA certification.

With these specifications, the Ada compiler was the only compiler available which met Sunstrand's goals. Alsys organized training courses for Sunstrand engineers who needed to enhance their practical knowledge of the Ada language in order to obtain the highest efficiency from it .

Sunstrand has been part of the review cycle of CSmart software and supporting documentation. Their partnership with Alsys shows the positive results that can accrue when software developers and customers work together to meet specific application requirements.

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