Network Resources

Personal Web Sites

The following personal efforts to support Ada-related Web sites exist:

X/Ada Web site, managed by Vincent Castellano
Find out how to get all the software you need to do X Window programming in Ada 95--for free. Join the Free X/Ada Programming Team and help promote Ada by porting and contributing X/Ada demo programs.

The Adaphile Web site, managed by Paul Pukite
Ada articles, bibliography, reference material, source code, GNAT GUI packages.
Various Ada links, managed by Bob Crispen
Language information, resources, compilers, mostly an organized list of links to other sites.

Ada for OS/2 Web page, managed by Tore Joergensen
A Web page dedicated to Ada programming on OS/2. It isn't much yet, but it should grow into a useful resource for the OS/2 Ada community. For the moment it only contains some links, a description of how to make DLLs with GNAT, a tip about how to speed up the GNAT compilation, and a call to people who want the Intermetrics Ada95 => Java VM compiler ported to OS/2.

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