Ada-Related Research

Proposals for Enhancement of the Ada Programming Language:
A Software Engineering Perspective
Mats Weber,
thesis received in February 1995
(Postscript, 130 pages or 70 pages reduced, compressed, ~ 1 MB)
Abstract: This thesis is a critique of the Ada 83 programming language with emphasis on the construction of reusable components and their composition, and more generally on programming "in the large".

Ada 83's deficiencies in that area are first described, and then solutions are proposed to most of the problems.

The main part of the thesis is a proposal for object-oriented extensions, making classes and objects with inheritance available through package and task types, as a very natural extension of Ada 83's task types.

These proposals can be viewed as an alternative to Ada 9X's tagged types, with which a comparison is made.

Ada 9X Usage Analysis for Flight Critical Systems
The Flight Data Systems Division (of NASA, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas) has a research project regarding the use of Ada 9X in Space Safety-Critical applications.
Information provided by Lorraine E. Rice.

Ada-related curriculum grant program
The Defense Information Systems Agency, Center for Information Management (DISA/CIM) and the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) are soliciting proposals to support the development of undergraduate software and information engineering curricula and courses in the Ada Programming language. Of particular interest is the development of curricula, courses and course materials that focus on the effective use of the Ada programming language in traditional computer science, business, engineering, information management and related curriculum.

NA: A Study of Ada-Related Research

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