May 21, 1997


Weight of 1997-04-29 Paige Memo

by Linda Brown, OSD/C3I

[Policy issuance and interpretation is a function of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), NOT of the Ada Joint Program Office.]

DoDD 3405.2 was canceled on Feb 23, 1991 -- it has not been in effect since that time. It was replaced with DoD Instruction 5000.2 which was subsequently replaced with the current version of DoD Regulation 5000.2.

The impact of Mr Paige's April 29 memorandum, "Use of the Ada Programming Language," is to eliminate the Ada requirement contained in DoDD 3405.1 in favor of programming language selections made in the context of system/software engineering analyses, and to eliminate the associated requirement for waiver submission. The direction was effective when signed.

[I]t can take months to revise, coordinate, and sign out Directives, so memoranda are often used as interim steps to immediately modify policy, pending those formal steps. Such intent is indicated in the first paragraph of the memo.

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