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December 9, 1997


AdaGraph v0.5 for Windows 95/NT

by Jerry van Dijk

AdaGraph is a complete package for basic (educational) graphics on the Win95/NT platform without requiring a Win32 binding or Windows programming knowledge. It is designed to answer the question: how to do simple graphics using an Ada compiler under Win95 or NT 4.0.

AdaGraph provides your program with a separate additional window for displaying simple graphics. By hiding all the necessary Windows specific code, the use of AdaGraph does not require any Windows programming knowledge.

AdaGraph v0.5 is freely available as a self-installing Windows program for the GNAT 3.09 and 3.10p1 and the Aonix ObjectAda 7.0 and 7.1 Special Win95/NT compilers.

This new version implements many enhancements as requested by users, among them:


To download this software, use

It is easiest to obtain through that "Ada on Windows" page.

-- Jerry van Dijk | Leiden, Holland
-- Consultant     | Team Ada
-- Ordina Finance |

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