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July 5, 1998


Ada Development Environment Integrated With Real-Time OS

by Green Hills Software, Inc.

Green Hills Software and Raytheon Systems Company announced the integration of Green Hills' AdaMULTI software development environment with Raytheon's RT Secure real-time operating system. The AdaMULTI development environment features a fully validated Ada 95 compiler that is optimized for 32- and 64-bit embedded applications. The compiler implements all of the new enhancements defined in the ANSI/ISO/TEC-8652:1995 Ada 95 specification, and also implements two optional Ada 95 annexes: The System Programming Annex and The Real-Time Systems Annex. Written in Ada, RT Secure is a real-time, pre-emptive multitasking microkernel optimized for mission-critical applications that require true hard real-time response.

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