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How the Bookworm's Lair works: The "Prices & orders" link, which appears at the end of each book review, contains a price range code (and usually an indicative price). To see the exact price of the book you are interested in, follow that link or click on the book's title; at this point you can add the book to your shopping basket (you can always remove it later) and/or confirm your current order by securely entering all necessary shipping and payment information.

Price range codes used in the lair are:

  • * less than $25
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  • *** $50 or more.

To add spice to our non-software lives, we also carry works in areas other than programming and software engineering. After all, bookworms are bookworms, whatever the subject.

Comments about and suggestions for selections and reviews should be sent with our online form.

Note that a given book may appear in more than one section, depending on intersections of interest.

-- The Ada Home Bookworm

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