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Welcome Tour, Part II:
General Information

Ada is "The International Language for Software Engineering." Ada is used and taught in many, many places. A consequence of this international character is that HBAP contains many resources coming from various parts of the world, and it is accessed from all over the world, by expert Ada programmers, teachers, students, and even by people interested in the real Ada Lovelace...

Some History

You may wonder why this language is named "Ada". To answer your question, we need to answer another question first: Who was Ada? Meet Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer in history.

Ada is the powerful language for reliable solutions in a complex world

Ada is an advanced, modern programming language, designed and standardized to support widely recognized software engineering principles: reliability, portability, modularity, reusability, programming as a human activity, efficiency, maintainability, information hiding, abstract data types, concurrent programming, object-oriented programming, et caetera. All Ada compilers must pass a validation test.

For more details, read a brief introduction to the language.

Welcome Tour, Part III: Resources for Ada programmers

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