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About the Ada Home





By Value

The main entry point to the Ada Home Web site is the page "Home of the Brave Ada Programmers", located at URL


Other, specialized major entry points exist; they are described in the main entry page.

By Name

If you reference the Ada Home Web site in a document, you should use the name "Ada Home" or possibly "Home of the Brave Ada Programmers" (specifying "Web site" or "WWW Server" in addition is OK). Note that both names are trademarks of KSCE. Do not use any other name or abbreviation.

The URL and names indicated above are the reference you should HREF if you want to keep a pointer to this site (other references are subject to change anytime... well, it's not quite that drastic, but remember that they're cast in electrons not stone).

If you use URLs to special pages in the Ada Home, it is not guaranteed that your Web links will never break (they're just pointers, without garbage collection).

Our policy is to keep the material we publish in permanent locations, so that external references will NOT break. When some page is moved, we normally put in place mechanisms to redirect requests to the new location of that page. (This seems to be common sense, but we've seen examples of insanity in other sites.)

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