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About the Ada Home


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What is in the Ada Home?

The Ada Home Web site provides Ada-related information, services, and hypertext access in many areas.

For instance, you will find an online bookstore, lists of compiler and tool vendors, references to low-cost and "free" compilers, book reviews, the Usenet Ada FAQs, a list of schools using Ada in CS1 or CS2, articles on commercial success stories, information about software components, as well as hypertext versions of the Ada reference manual (both our unique RM95 version and a version of the old 83).

Areas covered here include but are not limited to:

  • Reference Manuals
    • hypertext versions of RM 95 and LRM 83
    • texts of RM 95 and LRM 83
    • hypertext version of the Ada 95 Rationale
    • text of the Ada 83 Rationale

  • Resources
    • standards
    • bindings
    • tools and components
    • software repositories
    • online papers
    • research activities
    • current list of validated compilers, and adresses of vendors
    • cheap and free compilers
    • educational discounts
    • CD-ROMs

  • Intellectual Ammunition
    • some facts about the language
    • Ada 95, and information about the 9X revision process
    • language comparisons
    • moving from C/C++ to Ada
    • Ada in academia (e.g. who teaches Ada, textbooks, educational discounts)
    • Ada in industry (e.g. success stories)
    • special interest groups
    • debunking myths

  • FTP Sites --with Mirrors-- and links to other Ada-related Web Sites
  • Introductory Material
    • design goals and summary of the language
    • a free online tutorial on Ada 95
    • an annotated list of textbooks
    • information about free compilers

  • Frequently Asked Questions--with Answers
    • comp.lang.ada
    • Programming with Ada
    • Learning Ada
    • Ada on the Web
    • PAL
    • Team-Ada

  • Printed material
    • an online bookstore
    • how to obtain the Ada 95 reference manual and rationale
    • Ada 95 book reviews
    • lists of books and articles, and bibliographies

  • Ada-related Conferences, News and Events
    • conferences, workshops (calls for papers, programs)
    • calendar
    • press releases
    • technical and other news

  • Historical Notes on Ada
    • the Lady
    • the programming language

  • Ada Picture Gallery
  • Rogues Gallery
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