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About the Ada Home

A New Home




Since September 1996, to celebrate more than 30 months of existence, and over one million hits, the Ada Home has a new home at


Now, to find the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers (HBAP), all you need to remember is the word "adahome". It couldn't be easier, could it?

The Ada Home is now completely independent; its existence and contents cannot be threatened by any kind of maggots. The site keeps growing, with a host of unique services to the Ada community.

Our warmest thanks to the numerous people who have helped us by contributing thoughtful suggestions, corrections, and information.

Thought of the page: In any cooperation between two people, a rational party has nothing to gain from an irrational one, to the precise extent that the latter does behave irrationally. In short: don't leave your tools in the hands of fools!

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