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Ada Resources

Tools and Components

Tool Vendors: Addresses and Products

This (alphabetical order) list is far from complete. Any additional information is welcome by email to the webmaster (please follow the format used below: company name, Web site, contact info, and a few lines describing mission and products). Note that compiler vendors are listed in the list of compiler vendors, even if they also make and sell tools.

None of the descriptions included here imply any form of endorsement.

Companies listed in this index:

-- Web Site: http://www.ada-solutions.com/

4601 Knox Road
College Park, MD 20740-3417

  email: rwessel@ada-solutions.com
  tel: (301) 927-2763

Company Mission and Products

Ada SOLUTIONS, INC. is a computer company with a strong emphasis on customer service, performed off-site or on-site. They have developed a fast, efficient, Translator which automatically converts Fortran code to Ada code. Their training program includes classes on Ada programming, software design, and object-oriented programming.

GrammaTech, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.grammatech.com/

One Hopkins Place
Ithaca, NY  14850

  email:  info@grammatech.com
  tel: (607) 273-7340
  tel: (607) 273-8752

Company Mission and Products

GrammaTech, Inc. provides state-of-the-art language specific editing and code transformation tools for software engineers who wish to increase productivity.

Products include Ada-ASSURED, a language-sensitive editor, style standards enforcer, browser, pretty printer, and quality assurance tool; the Ada Batch Processing Module, a tool for processing large volumes of code to ensure style conformance and to transform code as necessary; and the Synthesizer Generator, a CASE tool builder, used to create custom language-sensitive tools.

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.iconixsw.com/

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.
2800 28th Street, Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90405

  email: marketing@iconixsw.com
  tel: (310) 458 0092
  fax: (310) 396 3454

Company Mission and Products

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leading CASE tool developer, training and consulting firm since 1984. ICONIX is the maker of ICONIX PowerTools(tm), an integrated suite of ten Object-Oriented and Structured software engineering applications for the PC, UNIX, and Macintosh platforms.

Leaders in the application and support of state-of-the-art software development methodologies, ICONIX was one of the first to develop GUI-based, multi-user CASE products. ICONIX developed the first integrated Object-Oriented tool set to support Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Booch and Coad/Yourdon.

ICONIX Consulting and Training Services offer classes in the latest Object-Oriented methods. ICONIX was the first to release a state-of-the-art Object-Oriented Methods training course on CD-ROM: "An Object-Methodology Overview."

IONA Technologies
-- Web Site: http://www.iona.com/

IONA Technologies Inc.         IONA Technologies Ltd.
201 Broadway, Floor 3          8-10 Lower Pembroke St.
Cambridge, MA 02139-1955       Dublin 2
USA                            Ireland

  email: info@iona.com
  USA                          Ireland
  tel: (617) 679 0900            tel: +353-1-662 5255
  fax: (617) 679 0910            fax: +353-1-662 5244

Company Mission and Products

IONA Technologies' core mission is to bring the power of Distributed Object Technology to the world. IONA's Orbix, the world's leading Object Request Broker, is a full implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard. Orbix/Ada allows Ada developers to build standards based distributed applications across platform and language barriers.

Orbix/Ada allows applications to be built quickly and easily -- and makes software easier to design and maintain. Orbix includes all the functionality of the CORBA specification, including IDL compiler, dynamic invocation interface and interORB interoperability, and also numerous beneficial extensions to the standard that assist in the design and construction of advanced CORBA based applications. CORBA ensures transparency to the end user and avoids the chore of network programming.

Orbix/Ada is available for the GNAT Ada compiler on Solaris, Irix 5.3, and Windows NT -- further platform coverage will be available shortly. Orbix also supports C++, Smalltalk, Java, and Microsoft OCXs allowing Ada based components (clients and/or servers) to interoperate with components built with these other languages or OCX-enabled development environments.

IPL Information Processing Ltd
-- Web Site: http://www.iplbath.com/

Eveleigh House                 
Grove Street                   
Bath  BA1 5LR
United Kingdom                  

  tel:   +44 (0)1225-475114
  fax:   +44 (0)1225-444400
  email: tools@iplbath.com

USA distribution
  Quality Checked Software and Metrics Solutions
  Beaverton, Oregon, USA
  Web Site: http://www.teleport.com/~qcs/

  tel:   503-645-5610
  email: qcs@teleport.com

Company Mission and Products

'AdaTEST' and 'AdaTEST 95'

McCabe & Associates
-- Web Site: http://www.mccabe.com/

  email: tjm@mccabe.com
  tel:   (800) 638-6316 ext. 212
  fax:   (410) 995-1528

Company Mission and Products

McCabe & Associates develops and markets tools for software testing, metrics, and reverse engieering. The tools analyze both Ada 83 and Ada 95.

Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
-- Web Site: http://www.ois.com/

1892 Preston White Drive
Reston, Virginia 22091

  email: info@ois.com
  tel:   (703) 264-1900
  fax:   (703) 264 1721

Company Mission and Products

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (OIS) is a private firm whose sole mission is to provide the finest quality software development tools for solving the world's largest and most complex systems' problems. The distinguishing difference between OIS and other tools vendors is that OIS develops products based upon the design principles of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBATM) standards and commercial reality. OIS believes that CORBA is at the technological forefront of corporate America, and that their AcumentorTM family of products will provide the best tools for the construction of high-quality commercial software. "Acumentor/Orbix for Ada 95" sold by OIS is the same product as "Orbix/Ada" sold by IONA (this product is a joint development).

Praxis Critical Systems
-- Web Site: http://www.praxis-cs.co.uk/

20 Manvers Street
Bath, BA1 1PX

  email: sparkinfo@praxis-cs.co.uk
  tel:   +44-(0)1225-466991
  fax:   +44-(0)1225-469006

Company Mission and Products

Praxis specialises in all aspects of high-integrity systems and is the owner of the SPARK product set, which provides an integrated approach to the design, development and verification of complex software. Targetted to Ada it provides:

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