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The Ada Home Web site is a hypertext information server to help disseminate information about the Ada programming language. It is alive and heavily used (we welcome more than 10,000 visitors each month). The Ada Home was created by Magnus Kempe, editor and publisher, and is run by KSCE.

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HBAP While browsing the Ada Home Web site, clicking on Lady Lovelace's icon link (seen as the string "Ada Home" in text-only mode) which appears at the bottom of all pages will always bring you back to the main entry page of the Ada Home.

The Ada Home Web site keeps growing. It is regularly updated and expanded. All comments, ideas, contributions, and requests for additions or corrections, are most welcome.

It is easy to contact the Ada Home; please use email, or alternatively go to our online Feedback Form. Email should be directed to the Ada Home at the webmaster

Additional general information is available on cross-referencing to this site, making submissions, what's new by month, our copyright, and the many contributors who have helped maintain the quality of the information provided here.

NO Mirroring

Several people have offered to mirror this site.

Here is our generic answer:

The whole idea of the Web is to transparently access a distributed database. Useful, large-scale Web replication and caching will come, some day, if and when needed.

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