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Welcome Tour, Part I:
About the Ada Home

The Ada Home Web site provides information about the programming language Ada, the first internationally standardized object-oriented programming language. Ada is a modern programming language designed to support sound software engineering principles and practices.

If you don't know Ada, the Ada Home has what you need: free tutorials, book reviews, free compilers, FAQs, code examples, an on-line bookshop, etc.

If you know Ada, the Ada Home has what you need: references, standards, bindings, tools, access to compiler vendors, a job center, a consultants index, online papers, etc.

To know more about the Ada Home, please continue to read this page and follow the links that will take you through the Ada Home introductory tour.

Note: Originally, the Ada Home was called the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers, so you may sometimes see the acronym HBAP to refer to the Ada Home.

Once you have learnt your way around HBAP, you can keep a bookmark to:

The Ada Home default entry page
at URL http://www.adahome.com/
The Ada Home quick access page
at URL http://www.adahome.com/Quick.html

To understand what HBAP is, read About HBAP, a description of the mission and vision that animate the development of HBAP; some principles and a specific context (software engineering) are stressed.

Once you've become a seasoned user of HBAP, remember to regularly check the What's New? section. All important changes and additions are recorded in this section. There you will find descriptions of important changes, such as the introduction of a new section or a heavy-duty reorganization/expansion in some existing section of the site. In addition, each page within this site has a "Page last modified:" date indication near the end.

If you value the Ada Home, please keep two more things in mind: your feedback --both praise and criticism-- keeps the Ada Home accurate and up-to-date (or just lets you say "hello", which is also valued); and your contributions are essential to the regular growth and improvement of the Ada Home.

Welcome Tour, Part II: General Information

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