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Associations and Groups

Team Ada
National Ada Associations
Ada Standards Group WG9

IEEE Computer Society
Team Ada
Team Ada is a highly informal organisation dedicated to telling the world about the advantages of the Ada programming language. Faced with a large amount of ignorance and misinformation about Ada, Teamers respond by demonstrating Ada's advantages to others, and educating them about Ada's strengths and weaknesses. Teamers are all volunteers with a genuine enthusiasm for Ada that translates itself into a wish to spread that enthusiasm to others.

ACM SIGAda publishes a bimonthly: Ada Letters, and organizes an annual conference: TRI-Ada. The SIGAda WWW Server provides a lot of online information on SIGAda's mission, working groups, conference, membership information, etc.

National Ada Associations
There are many National Ada Associations, which organize conferences, meetings, and training seminars, publish newsletters, and often have e-mail lists.

ISO Working Group 9 (ISO-IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG9)
The ISO Working Group 9 deals with the programming language Ada and related standards within the International Organization for Standardization.

Ada Resource Association
The ARA was founded "to promote and encourage the use of the Ada programming language and related software engineering technologies, in any and all application domains [government and commercial] where the use of Ada can benefit the customer." The ARA has corporate, government, academic, international, individual, and other memberships and subscriptions.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The ACM itself is also online. The ACM has numerous special interest groups and publications in computer science.

The IEEE Computer Society
IEEE CS is online, with general information, e.g. a conference calendar, lists of volunteers, etc.

They currently have abstracts of IEEE CS sponsored conferences up there. During 1995 the Computer Society Press was to implement an "experiment" where they would put both PostScript and HTML versions of full conference proceedings on-line. This would be done for a limited number of conferences to start, with the number planned to grow over time. With any luck, they'd be in full swing by the beginning of 1996.
[Well, we're not yet there. --MK]

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
The IEEE itself is also online. The IEEE has numerous special interest groups and publications in the electrical, electronic, software and hardware fields.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
The ISO has opened "ISO Online". The following features are provided:

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