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Frequently Asked Questions
(with Answers)

Ada-Related FAQ sections

General Interest

There are sections on Software Engineering and on Computer Programming Languages in the Virtual Library (subject catalogue).

See also the WWW FAQ

Some Other Programming Languages

Other, General Sources of Information

All Usenet FAQs are available through the Usenet FAQ Directory, with listings by topic and by newsgroup hierarchies. There is also a (limited) search capability.

The Comp.Object FAQ is available on the WWW, and by FTP.

INFOSEEK is a comprehensive and accurate WWW search engine. You can type your search in plain English or just enter key words and phrases. You can also use special query operators:

Magellan is McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory. (Click here for search options). Enter Query:

The New Riders' Official World-Wide Web Yellow Pages is an electronic "webbook."

The World-Wide Web Worm (WWWW), a robot, maps cyber-space for you (Best of the Web '94: Best Navigational Aid).

W3 SEARCH ENGINES is a list of search engines published by the University of Geneva. It covers a wide variety of topics and subjects.

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