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Magnus Kempe, Editor and Publisher

Ada is The International Language
for Software Engineering

Ada Home:
An Extensive Site Guide

This is a guide to the contents of the floors of Ada Home, presented in the form of an overview. From each floor, you can usually access even more information than the numerous items listed here. Further, since this is a hypertext environment, there are often several ways to find what you are interested in.

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Resources for Ada programmers include:

The Ada Home Marketplace features:

The Ammunition Department will help you:

For those discovering Ada or who want to experiment, there are:

We provide easy network access, (but no pointers :-) to:
  • netiquette, homework about the elements of behavior on the Internet;
  • comp.lang.ada, the Usenet newsgroup for Ada; and
  • Info-Ada, the e-mail gateway to comp.lang.ada.
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