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Impressions -- The number of times a banner is shown on pages being viewed by visitors. This is the standard way of determining exposure for an advertisement on the Web.

Portal Page -- This is the advertiser's Web site or special Web page to which the visitor is directed when clicking a banner ad. For best effect, portal pages should be created specifically to work with the banner ad.

Clicks -- Every time a visitor clicks on your banner and is thus directed to your portal page, it is counted as a "click." This measurement method lets you judge a first level of response to the ad you are running.

Click Ratio -- A ratio that indicates the success of an advertiser in attracting visitors to click on their ad. For example, if for each thousand (1000) impressions there are fifty (50) clicks on your banner, your click ratio is 5%.

Hits -- The term "hits" is used by Webmasters to describe the total number of recorded accesses to their site. It has indirect relevance to an advertiser, because not all "hits" are impressions (e.g. graphic files are sometimes counted as "hits"), and not all impressions are "hits" (e.g. cached pages may be seen many times by one or more visitors without recorded accesses to the original site).

Note: The Ada Home does NOT count graphic files when reporting "hit" counts for the site.

Page last modified: 1998-02-06