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Thousands of Ada users look for Ada-related information with a visit to our Web site, and by using our unique resources, continue to return over and over. The Ada Home has recorded millions of page hits since its 1994 creation. The site's popularity has now risen to attract over 10,000 visitors each month, accounting for more than 100,000 page hits/month, and more than 36,000 banner impressions/month.

In this new media environment, advertising at the Ada Home is simple. The value to Ada-oriented companies is unmatched by any other media, simply because there is no similar Ada-specific commercial publication in existence today.

The Ada Home is the premier medium for Ada information and a prime location for Ada-related advertisements. It provides:

As the central and award-winning Ada resource on the Web, the Ada Home provides advertisers with the flexibility to reach quickly and directly the most dynamic Ada audiences, including professional developers, serious users and new users, who all turn to the Ada Home when looking for reliable and regularly updated information. What's more, the unique resources of the Ada Home attract many Ada users new to the Web experience.

Our Banner Advertising Program includes at any one time up to four banners linked directly to the advertisers' Web sites. It is offered on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. Banners are displayed at the top of the major Ada Home pages, which account for thousands of impressions each week. The banners rotate once at least every six minutes.

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