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December 1997

"The best source for further information about Ada 95 is www.adahome.com", says Stephen Leake in the "Forum" of Communications of the ACM, December 1997/Vol. 40, No. 12.

December 10: Happy Birthday Ada Lovelace, a short biography of the first computer programmer in history.

New book review: Concurrency in Ada, by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings. Updated the Ada 95 book reviews.

AdaGraph v0.5 announced, a free package for basic graphics on Windows 95/NT.

October 1997

Aonix has released two free Aonix Ada 95 compilers, for Windows and Unix.

August 1997

Aonix has released a binding to JDK 1.1 which works with both ObjectAda and Appletmagic.

July 1997

New book review: Ada 95 for and C++ Programmers by Simon Johnston. Also, the Ada 95 Reference Manual and Rationale are now widely available. These books can be bought at the Ada Home Bookworm's Lair. Updated the Ada 95 book reviews.

June 1997

New articles: Ada Can Do It!, by Samuel Mize, and Ada Makes Debugging Much Easier, by Marin David Condic.

Ada Policy: Ada Waivers No Longer Required by US DoD. Added 1997-04-29 Paige Memo: Use of the Ada Programming Language, and a clarification of weight of that memo.

May 1997

New article: Ada Kills Hairy Bugs, by John McCormick. Book review of Henry Petroski's Invention by Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing.

More books offered in the Summer 1997 catalogue of our online bookshop: the Ada Home Bookworm's Lair.

April 1997

In recent weeks, multiple SMDS host failures and maintenance problems (at Bell Atlantic) have resulted in "brownouts" and "blackouts" on our main DS-3 line. A second DS-3 line will be installed in the near future; this should increase the reliability of Ada Home service.

New article: exclusive Q&A about the decision to end the mandate, with AJPO director LTC Drew Hamilton.

Improved the presentation of headlines in the Ada Home entry page. Added an archive of past headlines.

Activation of the banner ad program. Please check out our sponsors, this will help support the Ada Home.

More books featured in the Spring 1997 catalogue of the Ada Home Bookworm's Lair. Updated the Ada 95 book reviews.

David Wheeler's Ada Lovelace tutorial updated to version 5.7. The book is now available in our online bookshop!


A new picture in the Picture Gallery.

March 1997

END OF THE MANDATE announced. Read our notes and observations and also Robert Dewar's comments.

New books featured in the Spring 1997 catalogue of the Ada Home Bookworm's Lair.

Two new articles: "A Comparison of Ada and C++ features" by Jim Rogers. "Ada, C, C++, and Java vs. the Steelman" by David Wheeler (the Steelman requirements are online in our section on the history of Ada).

The Ada Home is THREE YEARS OLD:
The official announcement of the Home of the Brave Ada Programmers (HBAP) took place on March 3rd, 1994.

There have been about 2 million hits in three years of operation (more than 1 million during the third year). We now serve over 1GB of data per month, to more than 8,000 readers each month. Usage has steadily increased, today with more than 100,000 pages viewed per month -- compare to 80,000 in March'96, 43'000 in March'95 and 5,000 in March'94 (note: pictures/graphics are excluded from the counts).

February 1997

New Windows NT/95 binding, "Claw". Many updates in the compilers and tools sections. New web-based Ada 95 tutorial, "AdaMentor 95".

January 1997

Happy New Year!

Added a new floor: The Ada Home Marketplace. Announcing the Ada Job Center, for Ada and software engineering job opportunities. Started an Index of Consultants, for Ada-related consultancy services.

Created a Banner Ad Program, thus beginning to accept display advertising on the Ada Home, with rotating banner ads appearing at the top of the main pages of this site. Advertising will in no way influence the editorial content of this site. Similarly, an advertisement does not represent an endorsement of the corresponding company, product or service by the Ada Home. Still, we encourage you to check out advertisers here. At the very least, your interest will help support this web site.

General update to reflect the changes from "Thomson Software Products" to "Aonix" after TSP's merger with IDE.

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